The Firkin Glove 

keep your drink cold and your hand warm!
About Us

Well, we are not the scientists you read about on our Home Page. We are four hard-working Americans who like to drink a cold beer after a long days' work.   We also like to drink a cold beer while up in Northern Minnesota at the cabin or on the lake in Maple Grove, MN.  Let’s face it, we like to drink our beer.  In fact, we never met a beer we didn’t like!

Then IT happened one night while sitting around a campfire.  One of us set our beer down (hard to believe isn’t it) on the ground and it tipped over.  Such a waste of a good beer! Not to mention the money now spilled onto the grass.  It was a bit chilly out, we had gloves on, and the beers were in can coolers.  So, holding on to the beer with the glove and the cooler was a bit cumbersome.  Then lightning struck - no really! - lightning struck and one of the infamous Midwestern thunderstorms was headed our way.  

We gathered up our beer and ran for cover inside the cabin.  Someone set down their glove with their beer inside the can cooler on the counter.  The beer lined up perfectly in the palm of the glove.  Then - viola! - the idea hit us: we need to have a glove with a built-in can cooler.  How great would that be!  So we started designing it and finding someone to make it.  But it needed a name.  After lots of research we found the word Firkin, meaning barrel, cask, tub, drum, vat, and is a typical word used for the measurement of alcohol.  Great, we now have a name “Firkin Glove” and someone to make it.  We incorporated as Friends of Firkin, LLC, and are in business, living The American Dream.  

We hope you join us and have some Firkin Fun with your Firkin Friends while using the Firkin Glove.  There’s no better way to keep your hand warm and your beer cold.  The Firkin Glove is a great fun gift for those you love and those you want to Firkin Party with.   Are you Firkin Crazy too?

Cheers, and remember: “Protect your liquid assets”.

Thanks for your business; we truly appreciate it.

Jim, Molly, Deb, and Tim.
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