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Welcome to The Firkin Glove.  The place to keep your hand warm and your beverage cold! Firkin Gloves are made from the finest neoprene (wet suit material) so that you can keep your hand warm and your beer cold. 

Birthdays, Holidays, Reunions, Corporate Events, Sporting Events or any time - for you or your friends.

The History of the Firkin Glove

In 1845, German scientists discovered combining fermented malt, barley, hops, and water created a concoction that made them feel excited and overly happy. They loved this feeling so much they began to bottle this drink for future use.  They soon found out that - within days - the stored liquid began to create a bubble like atmosphere and blew the lids off the containers, causing their precious potion to spill onto the floor rendering it useless.  Because they loved this brew so much, they performed many experiments and finally found keeping the liquid cold allowed them to store it for longer periods of time, without blowing the lids and losing their beloved drink.  While they celebrated in their success of solving the explosive bubble issue - by drinking beer after beer - this cold storage process was causing another frightful challenge.  The scientists began to get frostbite on their hands when they drank their beloved brew.  Being creative scientists, they began a quest to solve the frostbite issue so they could drink more than one beer before their hands began to turn blue.

After many failed attempts, they solved the mystery of marrying warm and cold by creating the Firkin Glove.  The Firkin has many useful advantages.  Not only does the hand stay warm and the beer cold, but it also allows easy and safe transporting of an open beer while mingling in a group of other beer-loving folks.  Before long, these scientists were so well-known they had to go into hiding, and the Firkin Glove was lost for more than a century.  Only recently has it been rediscovered and made available to all beer-loving folks.

So whether you are at a sporting event, sitting around the fire pit, at a festival, on your deck, or in the comfort of your own home, the Firkin Glove is ready to help protect you from frostbite and keep your beer cold.  The Firkin Glove can also be used for cans and works great for stemless wine glasses for those who have a love for the grape.  

Always protect your liquid assets.

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